Friday, 17 May 2013

Funny Car Rental Service

Antara babak lucu & menarik di dalam Sitkom Seinfield berkenaan perkhidmatan & tempahan kereta sewa.
Tetapi apa yang menariknya,walaupun berdepan dengan pelanggan yang pelbagai kerenah,staff customer service tersebut begitu tenang & profesional.
Insyaallah,sebarang pertanyaan anda akan kami jawab & layan dengan mesra & profesional.

Shocking Suicide Video

Kepada yang lemah semangat jangan lihat video ini.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Santai Toyota Avanza 1.5 Auto Untuk Disewa

-Best condition.
-Easy to operate.
-Saves fuel.

Rental Rates:
-RM80 per day for a month on rent.
-RM120 per day for a minimum of one week rental.
-RM160 per day for rentals less than a week.
* price negotiable rental for students.

Documents required:
-Copy of identity card.
-A copy of a valid driving license.
-Utility bills / student card.
-Copy of identity card guarantor
-Proof of work / study (confirmation letter / card work / pay slip / business card / student card or anything related)

Pickup Method:
-can come to our premise to pickup the car
-can provide Delivery & Pickup service with extra charge (charge base on location)

-payment to be paid in cash before the rental.

Rental & Donate:
-RM1.00 per day will be donated to the organization Aman Palestin according to the number of days rental.

Rental & Consolation:
-special consolation will be given to each rental 3 days & above.

-Can provide Garmin portable GPS equipment if required with certain conditions.
-Can provide equipment Cellular Car Charger (all cell types) if required with certain conditions.
-Can provide Smartag equipment if required with certain conditions.
-Hire to the CORPORATE SECTOR, COMPANIES and HOTELS are very welcome

-Mr Zool (013-3580776)